Who we are?

Aimxcel is technology enabler providing business solutions with latest technologies such as AR/BlockChain/Data Analytics and other latest technologies. The company was founded by a team of technocrats with 30+ years of experience in providing solutions for various industries ranging from Hospitality to Space Centers. The team has experience of providing solutions to wide range of industries and has developed products for various industries.

What Do We Do?

We are keen to do some innovative works in technology


We are changing the way people interact with their devices and access information.  Our solutions include applications for Education, Industrial  Engineering, Architecture, Oil and Gas.

Internet of Things

Our solutions harness the potential of IoT and help you analyze the accumulated and real time data into useful insights and enable critical decisions.



We work with data scientists that are passionate about machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence and know how to apply their knowledge to real world problems.

Data Analytics

We provide you the tools to better understand and utilize your data using traditional approaches as well as insights powered by machine learning.


3D & Vfx

We can provide turnkey or partial solutions for your 3D / VFx needs and bring your products to life and provide rich experience for your customers.


Our solutions include implementation of block chain technology for authenticity of documents such as certificates, Letter of Credits and other documents.


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